Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hurray, first of school is finally here...

School is off to a great start! I will be using this blog to give you Room 125's "daily news." I will post homework information, curriculum links, etc. on the Chaparral website, once I get a class page.

Room 125 had fun today meeting each other, playing name games, reading books, learning the class rules and procedures. Friday we will be having t-shirt day, so wear your favorite tee.

Now for our daily news as reported by our classroom journalists:

Kyla said "I found a new school."
"I'm happy I am here again" said Adam.
Alyssa said "I love first grade."
"I like when we colored the plate" exclaimed Jordyn.
Isabella said "I have fun at school and I love my new teacher."

1 comment:

  1. Dear Mrs. Levy,

    I hope third grade gets a nice start when I get there!

    I started to comment when I was in second grade and since my teacher thought my comments were good, she gave me a blog! Here is a link to it:

    Heather's Perfect Post

    I hope you have a fabulous last day of school!

    Your former student,