Monday, January 31, 2011

Bon Voyage!

Did you hear?  

Room 125 is going on a trip!  We are going to travel to all seven continents and learn about the geography, famous landmarks, animals and people.  Today we talked about what we would pack in our backpacks for our trip. 

We also graphed which continent we would like to travel to most. The winner was Antarctica.

If you were able to travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

Twitter Monday

We are working on writing super sentences. We will be posting them through out the day on our twitter stream.

  Mrs. Levy's Twitter

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Daily News

"I had fun making towers with Samuel in the play yard," roared Rain!

"I enjoyed doing math," babbled Parsa.

"I liked doing the computer game," babbled Jakob.

"I liked reading Click Clack Moo," grinned Jules.

"Today I had fun doing the word search," roared Luke. 

"Today I liked doing the Winter writing," rejoiced Matthew.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daily News

"Playing handball is fun," babbled Parsa.  

 "I had fun making our water cycle," roared Luke.

"I was thrilled when we went to the library," rejoiced Gia.   

"I was really happy when Mrs. McEvoy came in," roared A.J.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We have been talking a lot about friends today.  Here are some of our ideas.

"A friend is a person you are nice to," roared Ava.

"A friend is someone that you play with," babbled Amy.

"You don't hurt a friend,"  added Ethan.

"When a friend get's hurt, you help them," roared Jake.

"You don't be mean to a friend," grinned Collin.

"You should share with a friend,' rejoiced Natalie.

In our class we have started a friendship chain.  Each time someone is "caught" doing or saying something nice to another classmate, they get to put their name on a link of the paper chain.  

What is the nicest thing a friend has done for you?  

How can you be a good friend?

Friday, January 7, 2011


Today Miya's mom, Lisa Sugino came our class to tell us about Oshogatsu, the Japanese New Year celebration.   

We learned that the Japanese New Year falls on January 1st and has many traditions that have been practiced for hundreds of years.  We looked at a book that explained many of the Japanese New year symbols and traditions.

The daruma is a paper mache doll for making a wish for the new year.  You paint one eye when you make the wish, and the other eye if the wish comes true. 

Mrs. Sugino showed us a antique paddle that was used to play a game very similar to badminton. 

Another of the Oshogatsu traditions is making mochi.  To make the mochi, boiled sticky rice is put into a shallow wooden bucket-like container and patted with water by one person while another person hits it with a large wooden mallet. It forms a sticky dumpling. We had a lot of fun mashing the rice.

The picture below shows a very unique kind of mochi which is made specially for New Year called Kagami mochi.  It consists of 2 rice balls with a tangerine sitting on top.

We were able to eat some sweet mochi! 

Thank you Mrs. Sugino, we loved learning about Oshogatsu!

What did you enjoy the most in the Oshogatsu presentation?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Daily News

"I loved playing Avatar at recess with Brook, Trevor and Jack," rejoiced Nina.

"I had fun on Read Write and Type in the computer lab," roared A.J.

"I love doing math," roared Rain.

"I loved reading with the book buddies," added Ava.