Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Daily News

"I loved playing Avatar at recess with Brook, Trevor and Jack," rejoiced Nina.

"I had fun on Read Write and Type in the computer lab," roared A.J.

"I love doing math," roared Rain.

"I loved reading with the book buddies," added Ava.


  1. Dear A.J,

    I like to type too because I love typing quality comments! If you do not know how to leave a quality comment here is a link: I also, like to read because you almost always learn something new. I have a question for you:

    Do you like the daily news on Mrs. levy's blog?

    Your friend,
    Amitai(Mrs. Yollis's student)

  2. Dear Amitai,

    Thank you for the quality comment. I love Mrs. Yollis' blog and check it often for information on html and blogging.

    Congratulations on getting Cub kudos for fairness! Was that a surprise for you?

    Mrs. Levy