Thursday, December 10, 2009

Today on our tour of Holidays Around the World we went to Italy. We read about La Befana, ate panattoni and read about Christmas in Italy. Here is a picture of Mrs. Levy's suitcase packed for Italy!

We love the book Chicken Soup with Rice!


  1. Dear Mrs. Levy's class,

    I just learned today that you have a blog. This is very exciting. I look forward to reading about interesting things you will do in 1st grade.

    Your friend,

    Mrs. Harding

  2. Dear Mrs. Levy's class,

    I love your suitcase. I had one just like that when I was your age. I used to pack my things when I visited my grandparents. Suitcases mean travel and travel is fun.

    Thank you for the memory.

    Sheryl Weiss