Monday, February 8, 2010

Nicole said, "I liked when we went to the MPR room and you could see the sky dome."

"I liked when we made Abraham Lincoln" said Dylan.

"It was fun when we read the Valentine's Day poem," said Madison.

"Walk to learn was fun," said Aviv.

"Today in class I went to Walk to Learn at the successmaker lab and then I went to Mrs. Dietz too. At Mrs. Dietz we did something really fun," Royce noted.

"I liked when I stayed on green," added Ellison.

"Playing with Kyla was fun," said Amanda.

"I had fun when I was playing with Ellison wizard 101," Hana added.

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  1. Dear mrs. Levy. Thank you for putting on spelling city. i really injoy it. and all the things we do in class. like the projects. and the games. and math.from mia