Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thank you to our 3rd grade blogging buddies

Thank you Mrs. Yollis' class!
We had such a great time learning proper blogging etiquette.

Blogging Buddies: First and Third Graders on PhotoPeach


  1. Dear Mrs Levy and class,

    I loved watching you all learning about writing comments with Mrs Yollis' class. It looks like you were learning a lot and are well on your way to becoming star commenters!

    Mrs Yollis and her class also taught my class, 2KM a lot about commenting. In fact, they even inspired us to create a poster to help us remember what a good comment looks like. You can check it out on the 2KM blog here

    Keep up your excellent work!
    Your friend,
    Miss McGeady

  2. Dear Mrs.Levy

    That day was so fun.
    I just wanted to stay there.
    Did like you like that day?


  3. Dear Mrs.Levy and friends,
    It is really amazing that we have other
    friends from a different place.

    :p Love your friend sasha Cohn :d

  4. Dear Mrs.Levy.

    I was so excited for mothers day.

  5. Dear Mrs. Levy's Class,
    We loved coming to open house yesterday. All of your work was beautiful. We especially liked the Aboriginal Art. You should all be very proud of yourselves!

    -The Mettler Family

  6. Being at Open House was awsome! The class room
    looks great! your friend,Ellison
    .P.s. You are a great teacher!