Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Finally Fall~ Writing Prompt.

Last week we were reading and writing about the seasons.  This week, it finally feels more like fall. 

The leaves are changing color.

The weather is changing.

And in a couple of weeks, it will be Thanksgiving! 

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?

What is your favorite food at the Thanksgiving feast?


  1. Kia Ora/Hello

    We have been visiting your class blog. Our class is wanting to know why is thanksgiving is celebrated. We don't have thanks giving in New Zealand.

    Room 2, Burnham School, NZ

  2. My favorite is turkey because it is yummy and my Daddy makes it the best.
    Amy Everett

  3. my favorite food is turkey and stuffing. love, ava

  4. We give thanks to our family.

    Mrs Levy's Class

  5. I like your blog! Thanks for sharing! My favorite Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie.
    Mrs. Benning ;-)

  6. Hi Mrs Levy's busy bees,
    Here in Australia it is getting warmer as you are getting colder.
    Our trees and flowers are all looking their best. The fruit is forming on the trees, many of the baby animals are born and the farmers are busy cutting their hay.
    While you will be having a cold Christmas rugged up around the fire, we will be having Christmas out at the pool trying to cool off!

    My class are also wondering what Thanksgiving is as like room 2 in NZ, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia.

    from Mrs W & P-2

  7. Dear Mrs. Levy's First Graders,
    One of my favorite traditions I have on Thanksgiving is going to the park with my friends and playing football. My favorite food at the Thanksgiving feast is my Mom's sweet potato pie. Have a delicious Thanksgiving!
    Jason Elbaum

  8. Dear Friends from New Zealand and Australia,
    Traditionally Thanksgiving was a harvest festival to celebrate the bountiful crops and give thanks for family and friends. Many believe that the original Thanksgiving in the United States occurred in the autumn of 1621 by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag, Indians to celebrate the colony's first successful harvest.

    In my house, we celebrate Thanksgiving by eating a HUGE meal of roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberries and then (as if that wasn’t enough) pumpkin and pecan pie. For me the best part of Thanksgiving is being with family and sitting down together for dinner, but I also love stuffing ☺

    Your blogging pal,

    Mrs. Levy

  9. Dear Mrs. Levy and Mrs. Levy's First Graders,
    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is having a nice Thanksgiving dinner with my family and talking about what we are all thankful for. My favorite food at Thanksgiving dinner is cornbread. I also like sweet potatoes. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  10. During Thanksgiving, my family appreciates the things we have in life. My favorite food is turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Dear Mrs. Levy and Mrs. Levy's First Graders,
    My favorite food on Thanksgiving is my mom's garlic mashed potatoes. I also like cornbread. During Thanksgiving, my family and I have a nice dinner and say what we are thankful for. I also like to watch football on Thanksgiving.

  12. Dear Mrs Levy,
    We always start Thanksgiving with telling eachother what we are thankful for. My favorite food on Thanksgiving is yummy pumpkin pie! YUM! YUM!
    Sandra Perel
    Gia's mommy

  13. Dear Mrs. Levy's Class,

    My Thanksgiving tradition is to go to my aunt's house and have a lunch with family. There is always a lot of good food, and my favorite is the baked potatoes.

  14. Dear Mrs. Levy,
    My family has a tradition to "accidentally" forget the pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. After dinner, all of the kids go together to get the pie and eat it all at the store... leaving nothing for the parents. :) Other than the pie, turkey has to be my favorite food on Thanksgiving. I also love mashed potatoes!

  15. Dear Mrs. Levy's Class,
    I actually have two Thanksgiving feasts each year, as my family celebrates the holiday with both sides of the family separately. My dad's family has a small celebration, where I stuff myself with turkey, stuffing, and yams. On my mom's side, there is a large celebration in which we talk a lot, eat some more delicious food, and watch TV. I guess I can consider myself lucky that Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the year.

  16. Dear Mrs. Levy,
    My Thanksgiving tradition is hosting a huge feast with all my mom's cousins. At this celebration we catch up, watch television, and have a ton of fun. All the food is extremely delicious, but my personal favorite food at a Thanksgiving feast is mashed potatoes.

  17. Dear Mrs. Levy and class,
    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is a day to give thanks. I love the fresh cranberry sauce. Our Thanksgiving tradition is to run the Dana Point Turkey Trot!

  18. Dear Mrs Levy
    Thanksgiving food sounds delicious.

    I did try pumpkin and pecan pie 20 years ago when we had a holiday in Texas, and thought it was yummy, and we often have a turkey for our Christmas dinner.

    Is the food you eat for Christmas similar to the food you eat for Thanksgiving?

    from Mrs McKenzie

  19. Every Thanksgiving my family and I go to the desertand ride quads, dirtbikes and have fun. My favorite Thanksgiving food is the Turkey.

  20. Dear Mrs.Levy's class,
    On Thanksgiving, almost all of my family comes over to our house and we have a large feast. It is very fun because we do not see each other a lot. My family during thanksgiving eats a large turkey since our family is big which is cooked by my mom and grandma.

  21. Dear Mrs. Levy's class,
    Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. Every year my entire family gets together for Thanksgiving and everyone brings something to eat. My mom makes the best green bean casseroles and pumpkin pies ever. My aunt brings home the fresh turkey from the supermarket. After that, my entire family feasts on the food. Thanksgiving is a day I never want to miss out on!!!

  22. My family's Thanksgiving tradition is making these candy pies from scratch and bringing them to my cousin's house for the whole family to enjoy. They are so delicious! We make pies with Hersheys, Reeses, etc. They are definitely my favorite Thanksgiving food!

  23. Dear Mrs.Levy's class,
    On Thanksgiving, everyone in my family comes over to celebrate a nice Thanksgiving dinner at my house. My birthday is really close to Thanksgiving so my family likes to make it a double celebration. My family usually makes the turkey and then everyone else just brings food they would like to share. My favorite food at Thanksgiving is probably pumpkin pie with whip cream on top. Before the big feast, my family usually talks about the things we are most thankful in our life.

  24. I love Thanksgiving! Every year all of my family comes to our house and we celebrate with a big feast! My favorite Thanksgiving food would probably have to be the mashed potatoes. They're the best!

  25. I LOVE Thanksgiving! It's a special time in the year to celebrate with your family and give thanks for everything were happy with in our lives. I spend Thanksgiving with my family and we eat a great feast with amazing food. My favorite Thanksgiving food are the mashed potatoes...yummy (:

    - Camila Forero

  26. I love Thanksgiving! Every year i celebrate with my family and friends at someone's house. My favorite food that is served is the turkey and stuffing. It's so yummy! After dinner, we all share what we are thankful for and why Thanksgiving is important to us!

    -Ellie Keimach