Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stuck on a word?

We have been practicing some reading strategies in Room 125 the past few weeks.  For each strategy we have a animal buddy that helps us remember what to do.

CHUNKY MONKEY! Chunky Monkey reminds us to "chunk the word," look at the word, and find chunks you might know (at, an, un, ing, er.)

LIPS THE FISH!  Get your lips ready, say the first few sounds of a new word, read to the end of the sentence and say it again.

STRETCHY SNAKE!  Stretch it out!  Stretch out the word slowly then put the sounds back together.

EAGLE EYE! Look at the pictures, the pictures might give you clues to the words on the page.

SKIPPY FROG!  Skip a word you are having a hard time with, read to the end of the sentence and hop back and try again.  Skip it, skip it and then read it, read it.

TRYIN' LION!  Try to reread the sentence, try a word that makes sense.  Try it again!

Helpful Kangaroo!  Ask for help after you have tried all of the other strategies.

Never let the word win.  Keep on reading!!

What is your favorite reading strategy?


  1. My favorite stuffed buddy is stretchy the snake.


  2. The reading strategy that I like is the "Eagle Eye". Because pictures help the child remember the words easily.

  3. My favorite reading strategy is stretchy the snake because I like reading with him.