Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jump on in, the water is fine...

On Sunday mornings  I swim in the ocean.  I love the swelly, blue-green salt water and the chill in the misty morning air.  It is an amazing way to start the day.  As much as I love it, I am always a little bit nervous right before I jump in. I stand at the waters edge with butterflies in my stomach.  Will the water be really cold?  Will I see any dolphin or seals?  What direction is the current traveling?   Slowly I get my toes wet, then I go in up to my knees and before I know it I am swimming through the first wave, then down the coast.

As I was swimming today I was thinking about how starting the school year is a lot like going out into the ocean.  Most of us, on the first day of school are a little nervous because we don't know what to expect.  But as the first few days pass, we meet our teacher and make new friends, we learn rules and routines and begin to work together as a class. In just 12 days we have already learned so much!  We have memorized poems, played math games, started working in our math books and writing in our journals.   This week we will start reading in our literature books, map our community and get our first homework packet. 

Our class has jumped in and we are diving through the surf :-)


  1. I read this aloud to both of my kids and they *LOVED* it! Their Dad is a triathlete/Ironman and swims in the ocean frequently (while we cheer on the shore) so your tale was extra relate-able. Thanks for getting your room off to such a great start! Mason is loving first grade!
    ~Mason's family

  2. Dear Mason's Family,

    Thanks for the comment. There is something magical about ocean swimming, I love it! I'm training for a swim under the Golden Gate Bridge in October. Mr. Levy is also an Ironman, he just did the St. George Ironman in May.

    Keep blogging~
    Mrs. Levy

  3. Colin asks, "Why were you closing your eyes? Were you in the ocean? Do you need to open your eyes to see? Love, Colin"

  4. Wow, excellent observation and question Colin! I wear goggles when I'm swimming in the ocean or lakes for any distance. This picture was taken when I went to Lake Tahoe this summer. I jumped from a boat into the super cold water. Can you tell I had brain freeze?

    Mrs. Levy