Monday, January 9, 2012

Bon Voyage!

Today we set sail for our tour of the 7 continents!  We finished creating our cruise ship, with our cabins and other rooms.  

We selected our jobs on the ship and made self portraits.

Finally, we toasted to a great trip with sparkling apple cider.  

Next stop Antarctica...  

Are there any facts you know about Antarctica?  
What do you want to learn about Antarctica?


  1. Mason wants to know how much snow is on Antarctica? (tough question!)

  2. Hey everyone!

    I think you have created the most awesome cruise ship ever! What type of jobs do you do on your ship? If I was in your class, I would want to know what types of animals live in the cold Antarctica! Have fun learning!

    -Catie K

  3. It is tough to ad-measure snow. I have visited Antarctica tons of times. Recently i am doing research at stream. Do you know what is normal temperature in Antarctica? This question is truly helpful to all visitors who want to visit Antarctica.
    Antarctica Cruise

  4. The ship looks great! Bon Voyage! -Ewa D.

  5. I loved visiting Antarctica this week. Here is one of the facts I learned - there is an active volcano in Antarctica. - Colin

  6. Hi pen pals! That's so cool that you're learning about the 7 continents! Have fun learning about Antarctica!

    -Ashlyn G.

  7. Hey pen pals!
    That is such an awesome cruise ship you have there. I wish I could join you guys on your journey through the seven continents! There must be some cool jobs out there that you can have. What cool facts did you learn?
    ~Sean S.

  8. Hey guys,
    The cruise ship you guys made is really cool. l like how you
    guys are having fun while learning about the continents. I hope you continue that.
    -Tommy N.

  9. hey pen pals!
    I hope you guys have a great adventure! continents and their history have fascinated me some I was little! your drawings look amazing!
    Anna winter

  10. Hi pen pals!
    Wow! Your ship and your drawings look great! I hope you have fun learning about Antarctica!
    -Rachel G.

  11. Dear Pen Pals, Thank you so much for the wonderful get well cards. You cheered me up so much when Mrs. Levy delivered them to me. Your thoughts and your wonderful pictures put a big smile on my face. Thanks for thinking of me and I look forward to seeing you all very soon. I'll be in a sling, but I'll be there soon!
    Mrs. McEvoy

  12. Heather said "Antarctica is the fifth biggest continent. It is very cold and nobody live there except for scientists. I would also want to know how cold it is."

  13. Hi Penpals!
    Hope you all had a great three day weekend! I would want to visit Antartica because I love the snow, but I think it would be too cold!
    ~Arielle Fromer