Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Kangaroo Facts


  1. We loved this and learned a lot!! Thanks for posting :-) - Mason's family

  2. Hi there Mrs Levy and your First graders!
    I loved your Kangaroo Facts post. I am a grade one and two teacher from Australia so your post caught my eye!
    We are very lucky to have so many beautiful and interesting native animals in our country and in the city we live in (Geelong) we see a lot of kangaroos in our rural areas. I was interested to hear that a joey weighs as much as a paper clip when it is born - I didn't know that. You are correct when saying that the kangaroos predators are humans. Many kangaroos are unfortunately hit and killed by motorists - especially around dawn and dusk when kangaroos move around a lot.
    Thanks again for sharing your facts about kangaroos. Please drop by and check out our class blog - we'd love to hear from you all!
    From Mrs Buckby

  3. Thank you such for the comment Mrs. Buckby. I can't wait to share your comment with our class on Monday!

    Your blogging pal,
    Mrs. Levy