Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our First Day!

Wow we had a great first day of school in Room F today! First we lined up on the upper yard.  We saw old friends and met some new ones too. 

We had our flag salute and listened to our Principal.

 Then it was off to our new class.  We learned a little about Mrs. Levy, took a tour of the school,  and talked about class rules.   We read some new books and graphed the number of letters in our names. 

We also played with magic playdough.  If the white playdough turned colors we knew it was going to be a wonderful year.

What color did your playdough turn?

We are off to  an amazing start .  What was your favorite thing that we did today?


  1. My favorite part of the day was the magic playdough!
    Nicholas Russo

  2. My favorite thing we did in class today was, like Nic, playing with the magic playdough! My playdough turned blue and red. I think its going to be a great year! I already love being in your class. I'm glad you are my teacher.

    Your new 1st grader,

  3. Dear Mrs. Levy,

    You have listed so many interesting facts about yourself. Thank you for helping us to learn more about you. Ty is especially intrigued by the fact you were bitten by a shark. We read the article from the Shark Research Committee about the incident. Ty and his sister would like to know if you ever found out what kind of shark bit you? Was anyone able to tell by the shape of the bite mark? We are all very happy that you did not suffer any serious injuries from the shark.

    Also, Ty is curious to know if your son Max is named after the boy in your favorite book (Where the Wild Things Are)? How old is your son?

    Like you, Ty loves to swim too. However, he prefers the pool where there are no sharks. ;)

    Thank you again for sharing. We look forward to a fabulous year!

    Gayle (Ty's mom) and Ty, with input from Ty's sister Jenna and intrigue about the shark from Ty's younger brother Hayden too :)

  4. Hi Mrs. Levy,
    I had a great day today. My favorite thing was the magic playdough too. Mine turned orange. It's going to be a great year.

  5. Dear Mrs. Levy,

    I had a great day. My favorite part was making new friends. I am super excited about first grade.

  6. Dear Mrs. Levy,

    My play dough turned blue. Blue and red are my favorite colors. I liked playing with the magic play dough.

    I also like to swim and I am on a swim team. I swim every day except Saturday and Sunday.

    I really like your class.

    ♥Michael Gorbatov♥

  7. Wow, what OUTSTANDING comments on our first blog post of the new year. Obviously, the magic playdough is a sign of great times to come this year.

    Ty, my Max was partially named after the Max in "Where the Wild things are."

    Way to go Michael, I was too tired to swim today. Maybe tomorrow before school.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

    :-) Mrs. Levy

  8. Dear Mrs. Levy,

    My name is Sarah, and I am one of Michael's sisters. He is the only boy, and he has 3 sisters. I am now in forth grade, but when I was in 3rd grade, I earned my own blog from Mrs. Yollis. I love blogging and have many blogging buddies all over the world. I am so excited that you also have a class blog.

    Your first day of school sounds so much fun, especially playing with play dough.

    We all read the facts about you, and I couldn't believe you got bitten by a shark! I love to swim in the ocean, but I don't go past where the waves break.


  9. Dear Mrs. Levy,

    I am Michael's twin sister, and I am in Mrs Broussard's class. I love to leave comments and I want to learn to type faster. I leave comments for Mrs. Yollis.

    I am also on the swim team with Michael. We will have a competition on Friday. I go to the beach a lot, but I am very scared of sharks.


  10. My favorite part of today was magic play dough.

    --Emili Miller

  11. Juliet is so excited to be in Mrs Levy's class, she feels it will be a year filled with many wonderful experiences. She knows it's going to be a great year because her dough turned blue! She feels lucky to be in Room F with so many wonderful friends.

    Juliet and her family

  12. Hi Mrs. Levy-

    Sam had a great day. His favorite things were making playdough (it turned blue!), and getting to bring home his new homework folder.

    Sam and family

  13. Hello Mrs Levi-
    I am Dylan. My favorite thing about yesterday was picking a special number where to sit and I picked 19. My birthday is March19 th. How crazy is that. I also loved the playdoh- mine turned orange (my favorite color). I am feeling lucky this year.

    Dylan and family