Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pen pals in the news

The latest edition of California Educator has a great article on pen pals and guess what... we are in it !

Here are some more pictures from the day when the article writer and photographer came to our classroom to visit.

What do you like about writing to your pen pal?  What have you learned about them?


  1. It is so fun listening to their letters. My pen pal is so fun! Her favorite candy is Skittles. I like when she writes back. I am happy we are in the magazine.
    Love, Sophia S.

  2. The pen pal experience is wonderful on so many levels. I love the interaction between the kids as well as my interaction with the first graders. I love that we continue this fabulous endeavor! Mrs. McEvoy

  3. Hi everyone! I've thoroughly enjoyed writing to my pen pal Teddi. I have gotten to know so much about her these past few months. I think it's great that the 9th and 1st graders get to interact with each other. Also, I like to see the cute, adorable drawings that Teddi makes! :) I look forward to receiving my next letter!
    Ambika :)

  4. Hey everybody!:D I absolutely love writing to my pen pal, Juliet! It is so much fun learning new things about her everyday! I have learned so much about her favorite hobbies and things to do, and about her family. And, I can't wait to get to know Juliet even better!

  5. I love writing Emili! I have gotten to learn so much about her and it has been such an amazing experience getting to know her! I love receiving her amazing drawings and I love hearing about everything that she likes to do! I look forward to when she writes back and I love to be a role-model to her! I thought it was so cool we got to be in the newsletter!! :)
    Rae Burnstine

  6. Hey guys! It's such a great experience to be able to write to my pen pal, Dylan. It brings me back to the days when I was in elementary school and the great times I had. It's so much fun to learn about everything that my pen pal is doing and how it relates to when I was younger!

  7. Hi everyone! I love writing to my pen pal, Allie, so much! I love learning what her interests are, what she likes to do and I love seeing her amazing drawings! I'm so excited to discover even more about Allie, and eventually meet her!
    Evan :)

  8. Hi! i love writing to my pen pal Jalyn. I love learning about what she likes to do and what her favorite things are. I love reading the cute letters and she writes to me. It reminds me of when i was in first grade and the things that really fascinated me. Not to mention, her drawings are adorable! I cant wait for my next letter :)

  9. Hello everyone. I have been having an amazing time this year writing to my pen pal Pasha. I have found it very fun to write to him and I hope he finds it fun to write to me too. I can't wait to get my next letter.


  10. Hii. I love writing and receiving letters form my pen pal, Ella. She loves to draw pretty pictures that always put a smile on my face. It's nice to take a break from all of the homework and studying to write letters to your pen pals. I can't wait to meet Ella at the end of the year!
    Love always,

  11. Hello!
    I love writing to you guys and thought the article was great! Unfortunately, they mistook one of my quotes for my friend's... It's okay though, because it's the thought that counts! And I loved hearing our teacher read the article out loud to us like we were in elementary school! I've learned a lot from Vladimir and would like to say thanks!

    With love,

  12. Hi everyone!
    I have so much writing to my pen pal Teddi! I really enjoy learning new things about Teddi through each letter. Also I love seeing her show her talent through her art work! I have learned that Teddi would like to see Pompeii one day and I find that interesting because I went there one summer and I absolutely loved it!
    Seti A.

  13. Hi guys!
    I love exchanging letters with my pen pal Vladimir. It's a lot of fun getting to know him letter by letter, and I think it's amazing how much he and I have in common! Looking forward to receiving my next letter, as well as meeting him at the end of the school year :)


  14. Hey everyone!
    I think pen pals are a great program for both 1st graders and 9th graders. I love the thought of others enjoying something like this too! I have learned a lot about Sophia and I am sure she has learned a lot about Rosie and I also. I am looking forwaard to meeting you all.


  15. Hi everyone,
    I love getting letters and drawing from my pen pal, Sam, about his hobbies, family, likes, and dislikes. I think that this program is just as educational and exciting for the ninth graders as it is for the first graders. Every time Mrs. McEvoy says that the first graders wrote letters, everyone sits straighter and waits anxiously for his/her letter. I absolutely love the pen pal program!

    1. I love it to .What do you like about it.

      love Sam

  16. Hey everyone,
    I think the Pen Pals program is so great, it should be a part of the curriculum. I enjoy being able to connect with a new person and discover the similarities between him and I. Whether it is his favorite candy or holiday to celebrate it is a joy to listen to his voice. I wish I could continue the program next year.
    -Joe Wayne

  17. Hi everyone! I love our pen pal program! It's so fun to hear from my pen pal Ty. I now know about his favorite holidays, traditions, foods, candy, and more! I am so excited to meet our pen pals in person soon!

    -Rebecca :)

  18. Hi everyone:)
    I absolutely love writing to my pen pal Ella! I've learned so much about her and that we actually have a lot in common. By the way Ella, you're a great artist! haha I can't wait to meet you!!
    Lots of love,

  19. Hi everyone!

    I love writing to my pen pals! The pen pal program is an amazing idea and it is so fun to be able to write letters and draw pictures to my pen pal, sam! I have learned a lot about Sam like his likes and dislikes and his hobbies. Mostly, I love seeing the amazing pictures that Sam draws!

  20. Hey pen pals!
    I absolutely loved writing to my pen pals! It was a great experience being in the pen pal program. Not only did I get to draw and write to my pen pal, Ty, but I got to receive adorably written letters and drawings! It was fun learning about Ty and his favorite things, and I cannot wait until we get to meet!

  21. Hi guys! I think it's so cool how we were in a magazine! I love writing to my pen pal because you can communicate and create a relationship between someone you can't find in high school, and between another who you can be a role model for. I love learning new things about Allie, my pen pal, because it reminds me of myself or others when we were that young!

  22. Hi everyone! Having pen pals has been so rewarding for me! It has been so much fun to get to know my pen pal. Even though we are far in age, we have many similar interests. It's very exciting to see what my pen pal has in common with me. This has changed my high school experience in many ways.
    -Katie K :)

  23. Hello everyone! It's very fun writing to my pen pals to see the similarities that I had with him when I was his age. I love learning what kids their age like. Writing to my pen pals has put into perspective how fun being young is and to cherish every moment.

  24. Hey pen pal! I can definitely say that the pen pal project has been really enjoyable and I am always happy each time we get our folders to write back. Through our time exchanging letters, I have learned quite a bit about my pen pal Nicholas and I hope that we can continue learning about each other and I am looking forward to meeting Nicholas.

    -Joe Guss