Friday, January 15, 2016

Celebrating MLK Jr. with our blogging buddies

 The past few weeks we have been learning about civil rights heros.  We have read about Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges and Martin Luther King Jr.  In honor of MLK day we spent some time with our 3rd grade blogging buddies asking each other questions about Martin Luther King.

Write a comment to your friends about the videos they created. Do you agree with their answers? Did they say something that made you think or share an idea you hadn't thought of?  What do you think about working with 2nd grade?

Remember the best comments start a conversation, so be sure to ask a question!


  1. Dear Mrs. Levy and class -

    Noah says you did these videos on MLK's Birthday...what a fun way to celebrate!

    From Noah & Family

  2. What lucky kids! Terrific project.