Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Check out our map to see who has been looking at our blog. Wow, Austrailia!

Jonathan said, "I liked doing math."

Royce said, "I liked seeing the leaves."

"I liked reading the book Skelly," said Alyssa.

Jordyn said, "I liked making the bear slider."

Hana said, "I liked reading The Garden Story."


  1. Look for a dot from Russia. My sister has promised to visit your blog.

  2. Dear Ms Levy,

    I loved ready your blog with my mom. and I liked when I read the shark story. I enjoy being in your class very much.

    Your Student,
    Hana Aflatooni

  3. Could you please add the UK to the world map of blog followers as this is where I live and would love to be the first person from the UK to post on your blog. Lyn Todd (Olivers Nana)

  4. Dear Lyn,

    The map automatically updates, showing where people are viewing our blog. It takes a few days though for the location to register on the map. It is so great that we will have a person in the UK reading what we are doing.

    Mrs. Levy