Friday, October 2, 2009

Today we illustrated our poem of the week September. We also went to the library, worked on subtraction and we read Matthew's shark story (which lead me to tell a shark story of my own.)

Jordyn said, "I liked when we did plan, do and review."

"I liked when I lost my tooth," said Matthew.

Alyssa said, "I liked when we did math."

"I liked when I got my book at the library," said Dylan.


  1. Dear Mrs. Levy,

    What a fantastic blog you have here! I love it!

    I was so surprised to read your Shark Tale! My mouth was wide open as I quickly read the story. Do you regularly swim in the ocean? I was thinking maybe you are training for a race?

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Yollis

  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Thank you for the kind comment.

    I have been ocean swimming for a few years. I started when I was training for a swim called "The Alcatraz Sharkfest," which is an organized swim that goes from Alcatraz to San Francisco. I love it and now swim in the ocean most Sundays. The rest of the time, I swim in the pool.

    I added the Clustrmap gadget. I can't wait to see on the map who looks at our blog.


    Mrs. Levy