Friday, November 4, 2011

November- Our poem of the week

In November's gusty gale
I will flop my flippy tale
and spout hot soup
I'll be a whale!
Spouting once, spouting twice
spouting chicken soup with rice.
                                       written by Maurice Sendak


  1. Hi pen pals! Great poem! Have a super duper November!

  2. I really like the poem! Poetry is one of my favorite things to write at school! Happy November everyone!

    -Catie K

  3. Hi pen pals!
    Thats a great poem! What are you guys most excited for during the month of November? Are you excited for Thanksgiving?

  4. Hi Pen Pals. The poem is terrific. Are you guys excited for Thanksgiving? What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? Mine is mashed potatoes!
    Brianna W.

  5. Hi pen pals!
    I love the poem! Do you have any special plans in november?

  6. Hello penpals!

    That poem was so cool! What are you looking forward to this month of November? Happy November!

    -Ashlyn G.

  7. Hey first graders,
    I loved the poem; it was very catchy. November is actually one of my favorite months because of Thanksgiving.
    -Tommy N.

  8. Hi pen pals! i love the poem! i hope you have a great Thanksgiving. What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving?
    -Siena E

  9. Hi Pen Pals!
    I loved the poem! What are you all doing for Thanksgiving?
    Whatever it is, I hope it will be great!

  10. Hi Pen Pals!
    I love the poem! I am so excited for November! Its my favorite month because its my birthday month and it has Thanksgiving!

  11. Hi Pen Pals!:)
    Great Poem and you guys looked so cute!I can't wait for your letters I am so excited! Have a great Thanksgiving with your family!!
    -anna w.

  12. Hey everyone! That was some amazing singing! I like to sing too! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!