Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A visitor from down under... Tasmania

Today we had a visitor from Tasmania, Australia.  Miss Wyatt has been traveling across the United States and Canada since September with her stuffed buddy Davo the Tasmanian devil.

 She shared lots of interesting facts with us about Australia, the Tasmanian devil and other Australian animals.

Here are some of the facts we learned:

"In Australia there is a kangaroo called the red kangaroo," added Sally.

"The red kangaroo uses it's back legs to attack, " babbled Mason.

"Tasmanian devils run when they get their food, so that the other Tasmanian devils won't get it," roared Christian.

"Tasmania is an island near Australia," grinned Colin.

"There's a lot of Australian snakes that are poisonous," exclaimed Noah. 

You can see Miss Wyatt's adventures on her blog:  http://mrdevil.edublogs.org/


  1. Hey Everyone!

    You are so lucky! Mrs.Wyatt sounds so cool and I really enjoyed looking at her blog. What was your favorite fact you learned?

    -Catie K

  2. Wow! I bet having Miss Wyatt in the class was a interesting experience! Did everyone see the article in The Acorn? I guess you guys are famous now!

    -Laney :)

  3. Miss Wyatt came to visit our class, too, and we had so much fun learning about her travels. We also enjoyed learning about Tasmanian devils. Did you learn about the dingos, too? Many students in my class hadn't heard of them before, so it was great, new information.

    T. Madden
    Sumac LSTEM

  4. G'day Mrs Levy and students,
    Davo and I have had a great time touring North America and visiting lots of classes. We were very pleased to visit your class and answer all those questions. Remember to add any more questions to the link in Davo's blog.

  5. Thanks for the comments. We loved having Miss Wyatt visit and tell us about Tasmania.

    @Ms Madden- we were fascinated by the dingos and also by the kangaroos. It's amazing to think that a baby kangaroo is only as big as a jelly bean :-)

    @Miss W. I hope your plane flight back goes well. It must be nice to be going home after traveling for so long.

    Mrs. Levy

  6. Hi first graders,
    It looks like you learned some really cool facts from Wyatt! Australia sound like a really cool place. Did you guys read your article in the acorn. It was relly cool to see you guys in it!

  7. Hi first graders!
    Wow! Miss Wyatt sounds like such an interesting person! What types of facts did she share with you? Are you guys excited for the holidays?

  8. Hi pen pals!

    That sounds so cool! What an interesting experience! Are you guys excited for the month of December? What do you celebrate?

    -Ashlyn G.

  9. Hi Pen Pals,
    It must have been so cool to learn things from Miss Wyatt. What was your favorite thing that you learned? Are you celbrating a holiday in December? If so which one?
    ~Sean S

  10. Hey! That must have been so inteteresting! I love learning new things about different places around the world. Especially when related to animals! That is an amazing experience, and it sounds like lots of fun! :)

    -Mina :D

  11. Hi:) That sounds so interesting! I have always wanted to go to Australia. Especially, I have always wanted to see a kangaroo! It sound so intriguing for her to tell you about Australia. Hope it was very fun!
    - Emily E.