Friday, February 17, 2012

Rainforest Assembly

Rainforest Wildlife Assembly

Special thanks to Mrs. Testa, who took the wonderful pictures!


  1. You are such a special teacher! Thank you so very much for continuing to share in the way that you do!! This slide show was so much fun for our whole family to see. Mason had an incredible time - she LOVES animals. Thank you!! - Mason's family

  2. Heather's favorite rain forest animal is Lola, the sloth. She likes it because Lola looks cute. She also likes Dr. Peepper. Thank you for sharing the pictures. It is very fun to watch.

    Echo (Heather's mom)

  3. Great pictures Andrea! Such a cool slideshow and Kimmie has been talking about it nonstop. What a great hands-on experience. Way to go Mrs. Levy

  4. What awesome pictures! The animals are really cool! I love the rainforest!

    -Catie K

  5. My favorite animal was Lola the sloth. She moves really slow and she loves sleeping like I do. And I am surprised that it was the full grown sloth. I thought it would be a baby. I loved seeing all the animals. - Colin

  6. Those are some cool pictures! My favorite type of animal from the rain forest are monkeys. They are so cute!

    -Ashlyn G.

  7. Wow,
    sounds like you had a brilliant time at your rainforest assembly. I wish we could do that at our school! What did their skin feel like? Did you enjoy the assembly?
    Please get you and your class to come and comment on my blog at:
    I hope you like it and I hope you continue to blog.
    From Chloe, England, Bolton.