Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sensational Sloths!

We have been studying about the sensational South American sloth.  Here are some of our favorite facts.

"They move super slowly,"  babbled Mason!

"Sloths have insects on their fur," roared Michelle!

"On their fur they have algae growing," explained Jade.

"Sloths hang upside down when it's raining," grinned Jadon.

"They hang in trees in the canopy in the rainforest," roared Christian.

"Sloths swim in the water really well," explained Sally.

"Sloths claws are as long and as sharp as knives,"  expressed Colin!

"They eat slow and they move slow," thought Heather.

"There are three toed sloths and two toed sloths,"  dictated Caroline.

"Sloths are so slow, that they can only go about a mile in a month,"  roared Jadon.

"Sloths hang upside down all of their lives.  They eat, give birth, carry their babies, and sleep upside down," grinned Mia.

"Their predators are harpy eagles, humans and jaguars," roared Costa.

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  1. "I am so excited for the flood of animals coming to our classroom. I'm really excited. I hope they are strong enough to bring a sloth." - Colin