Sunday, September 16, 2012

Coastal Clean Up Day- Heal the Bay

On September 15 many of our Chaparral families participated in Heal the Bay's Coastal Clean Up Day.  
On Saturday many of our Chaparral families and teachers met at the Malibu Surf Rider Beach for California Coastal CleanUp Day.  It was a wonderful day in the sun with family and friends, helping clean our coast.

According to Heal the Bay website,  "Braving scorching heat, Southland volunteers collected and removed nearly 20 tons of ocean-bound trash today from Los Angeles County watersheds as part of Heal the Bay’s 23rd annual Coastal Cleanup Day. Working together to protect what they love, 9,323 participants scoured local beaches, inland waterways, regional parks and urban neighborhoods from 9 a.m. to noon. Santa Monica-based environmental group Heal the Bay mobilized 58 sites throughout the county, covering 56 miles of terrain. From Compton to Malibu, local businesses, faith-based organizations, schools and youth sports teams worked in tandem to gather and remove 38,598 pounds of debris. Cigarette butts, plastic bottles and caps, snack-food packaging, plastic bags and Styrofoam fragments are among the most frequently found items at cleanups."

Sophia and Isabella

Emili and Mrs. Levy

Mrs. Lampert and friends

Divers brought up a variety of trash, including a stop sign, plastic bottles, glasses, styrofoam and car keys.

What a perfect way to enjoy our beautiful California beaches.
 What type of trash did you collect?  

What other ways can we help our planet?


  1. Gayle (Ty's mom)September 16, 2012 at 4:23 PM

    Dear Mrs. Levy and those who participated in the coastal cleanup yesterday,

    What a great thing to do for our environment and what fun too! We hope to join you next time.

    I wonder how the guy or gal who lost their car keys got home that day?

    Isn't it amazing how we have started to see here on our beaches, trash and debris from the tsunami that occurred in Japan last year?

    Great photos! Thank you for sharing!


  2. Dear Mrs. Levy,

    I was happy to see the picture you took with my sister and her brownie troop. I was sorry I could not make it to the beach. My sister had a good time at the beach.


  3. One way to help the environment is "Don't Waste Paper" to help save our trees!
    Dictated by,

  4. Hey there, just came across your blog via a Google search. Nice to meet you out here. I am a teacher from Australia who just launched her teacher blog today. Hope you can pop by and check it out. Would appreciate some constructive feedback and advice :)

  5. Sophia Solis' FamilySeptember 23, 2012 at 3:52 PM

    Hi Mrs. Levy:
    We enjoyed the clean up day. It was the first time we participated in a "Heal the Bay" event and we are already looking forward to next year. Sophia says she will continue to pick up trash every time she goes to the beach in the meantime. Her other ideas for helping the planet are to recycle more and drive less.

    By the way, we saw Gayle's comment above about the keys and that is even what the divers said when they brought up the keys!

    Thanks again for helping organize such a great day and important activity!
    --The Solis Family

  6. Hi All,
    It was my first time participating in the "Coastal Clean Up Day" and I loved it. As someone who enjoys the ocean every weekend, I feel grateful that Heal the Bay has these clean up days.

    Mrs. Levy

  7. Hi, as a teacher-in-training, I love seeing what you are doing with your class. It is such a great idea to get your class involved with community service projects. I am lucky enough to live nearby many beaches, it is easy to connect the field trip to fish, shells, ocean life, ecosystems, etc. It's an entirely different experience to be involved in the preservation in the science you are learning about! It's amazing to see that you are guiding your students on a path of becoming an active citizen in their own community.

  8. This is Kayla A. from 1st grade.
    Katie and Elana,
    What are you afraid of? I am afraid of snakes. They are really creepy. I am also afraid of sharks.
    Have a good weekend.

  9. Hi Katie and Elana,
    This is Kayla A. in 1st grade.
    What are you afraid of?
    I am afraid of snakes and sharks. Creepy creatures.
    Have a good weekend. Waiting to hear from you.
    Love Kayla