Monday, December 17, 2012

Another great day in first grade...

"What I liked today was reading with my friends, Sam and Pasha,"  babbled Dylan.

"I liked tracing my hand on green paper," explained Teddi.

"Playing the memory game was fun," said Max.

"Making my little snowman was really fun," roared Ella.

"I liked when we sang "Frosty the Snowman" in music class," rejoiced Pasha.

"Getting my cub kudo was fun," thought Sophia S.

"Doing pointers with my friend was wonderful,"  added Jeremiah.

"I liked when we moved to the art class because of the skunk,"  dictated Morgan.


  1. Hi Mrs.Levy,

    What are some of your favorite books some of my favorite books are Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold. My favorite book that Tedd Arnold wrote about fly guy is There's a Fly Guy in my Soup. It is about Fly guy with his owners family go on a trip to a Hotel.

    Pasha your student

    P.S please comment back.

  2. Hi Pasha,

    Thank you for the comment! I love the Fly Guy books. Some of my favorite books are "Where the Wild Things Are" "Yoko" "Giraffe's Can't Dance" "Stellaluna."

    Do you like Skippyjon Jones books?

    Mrs. Levy