Friday, December 6, 2013

Just another busy day in Room F.

We had a super fun and busy day today in Room F!

First we went to the computer lab and finished our fall leaf artwork. 

Then we had our spelling test. 
Before recess we were working on our reading stamina, we are up to 15+ minutes of quietly reading a "good fit book" from our book boxes.  
After recess we played a math game, where we had to find our related fact friend.  

We practiced our poem of the week "The Dreidel Song."
After lunch we worked on our Daily 5, reading groups, had fun Friday free time, and a quick fire drill before going home.

Just another busy day in Room F.  What was your favorite activity today?


  1. Adam says reading was his favorite activity today!

  2. Audrey said the spelling test. Weird I would have said recess. LOL

  3. Dear Mrs. Levy,

    What a party. I think the video and pictures are awesome.

    Mia from Mrs .Yollis class .