Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First day of school!

Our first day of first grade was fantastic!

We started the morning, by meeting on the upper yard.  We saw some old friends and met new ones.

We listened to our principal, Mrs. Brazell.

Then we walked down to our new classroom, where we got to work.  
We decorated leaves for our classroom library tree.

 We read the  book Chrysanthemum and graphed the number of letters in our names.

After recess we took a tour of our school.  

Right before we left we played with magic playdoh.  If our white playdoh changed colors we new it would be a magical year. 
What a fun day! 
 What was your favorite part of today?


  1. I liked making the leaf. And I like our new class. - - Baxter

  2. My favorite part was EVERYTHING!
    -Olivia T.

  3. Hello Mrs. Levy and students! It looks like you had a great first day. Nolan said it was the best day ever. Thank you for letting us all see what you were up to today. It is very exciting to have a class blog! I can't wait to keep up with it.

  4. Elita (Noah's mom)August 21, 2014 at 7:52 AM

    It was AWESOME! It was the BEST DAY EVER!
    --- A very enthusiastic Noah

  5. I played on the playground with Edan and Baxter.