Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Did you enjoy writing to your pen pal?

What did you learn about them?


  1. Jonathan learned that Alex is smart. Alex learned that Jonathan can read and write well, that he is Jewish and very smart.
    We both had fun!

  2. I said it was really fun.
    We both learned that we both have dogs.

    I really enjoyed writing to Sasha this year. She is so cute. =)
    I learned she recently lost her front teeth and has hurt her leg playing soccer.

  3. !) KImia learned that Ellison wants to be an artist/singer when she grows up.
    2) Ellison learned that Kimia's favorite color is blue.
    we both had a lot of fun!!!
    -Ellison and Kimia

  4. I really loved writing to Serena.
    I learned about my pen pal. That Serena loves to dance. Serena also has a big sister and they never get in a fight. I hope Mrs.Levy had a good year.

    I had a lot of fun writing to Isabella. I enjoyed the year because of it!
    I learned that Isabella likes walruses. Also, she has a big brother, Jacob, in sixth grade.

  5. We loved writing to each other. It was a lot of fun to communicate this way.

    We learned that Amanda loves to swim and her favorite color is pink. Amanda learned that our favorite colors were purple and green.
    Love, Arielle, Peyton, and AManda

  6. We reakky learned a lot about each other, and we had fun at the bagel party. I learned that sydney is going to Hawaii for summer,,
    i hope to see her again

    kim and Sydney

  7. Yes i did. I learned that if somebody is very far from you, you can still talk to each other.
    From Mia.

  8. Yes I had a great time writing to her.
    Well I learned that they are all nice.
    From Alyssa

  9. Dear Mrs.Levy.
    I like when I met my pen pal he was nice.
    said Adam :p

  10. Dear Mrs.Levy,

    I did like when I got to visit my pen pal.


    Royce :P

  11. Hi Gabriel,
    I liked being your penpal. I will see you soon. We had a really good time Dylan - Mrs Levy's class.

  12. Hi Mrs Levy
    It was fun when they showed me the pen pal folders.
    from Madison

  13. Dear Paton and Arielle.
    I had a lot of fun with you love amanda.

  14. We had a wonderful visit and a fabulous year. Thanks for everything!
    Mrs. McEvoy

  15. This post is for Hana. I was really sad that I didn't get to meet you this Wednesday and I wish you were there. I really loved writing to you this year. :)

  16. Hi Trey!
    I am sorry we never were able to write a post on this during class. I had such a great time meeting you! I learned on wednesday that you are a wonderful reader. I enjoyed writing to you this year, and then meeting you on wednesday was so much fun! Have a great last few days of 1st grade!

  17. Thank you everyone for such great comments. It was a wonderful experience.

    Mrs. Levy