Friday, October 28, 2011

Creepy Crawly Spiders

This week we have been learning about spiders.   

Mrs. Levy brought in her son's pet tarantula Morgan.  

We observed Morgan, read spider books and wrote spider facts.

We looked at a remote control tarantula and compared it in a Venn diagram with the real spider.

What was your favorite spider fact? 

Which spider did you like better- the real spider or the toy tarantula?


  1. Mason has been so excited about your creepy crawly class visitor, the tarantula! She loved learning all about it in class! Thank you to Mrs. Levy and her son for sharing!! - Mason's family

  2. Heather talked about spider at home every day this week. I even learnt a few facts about spiders that I don't know before. Thank you Mrs. Levy.

    Echo (Heather's mom)

  3. Noah loved learinng about how spiders spin their webs.And he preferred the live spider over the toy one. Thanks so much for teaching him such fun facts.
    Happy Halloween!!!

  4. Colin likes how spiders can break off a leg to escape from an enemy...

  5. I'm so glad everyone liked meeting Morgan and learning more about spiders!

    Happy Almost Halloween!

    Mrs. Levy

  6. Hi Mrs. Leavy's class!!
    I know I wasn't there, but I have a fear of spiders, so I would like the toy spider better! I hope you all had an amazing Halloween!

  7. Hi penpals!
    That is such a big spider! I am extremely afraid of spiders, so I definitely would like the toy tarantula better!

  8. Hi Pen Pals,
    I definitely agree with Brooke. Toy tarantula spiders would probably work probably not scare me as much.
    Brianna W.