Friday, October 21, 2011

Just keep swimming!

This week we read many stories about characters that just didn't quit.  In Jasper's Beanstock, Jasper worked and worked to make sure his bean grew.  Zig, in A Hut For Zig Bug, kept of finding more things to decorate his new hut.  On Sunday Mrs. Levy is going to try to remember those great characters when she is swimming in the Golden Gate Sharkfest.  I will swim from San Francisco to Sausalito, right under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Update:  Here is a picture of 
Mrs. Levy and Mrs. McEvoy at the swim. 


  1. Those characters are all super inspiring! I run cross country races, which are a fast 3 mile run, and sometimes the courses are really hard. I always tell myself to "just keep running" and try to remind myself of how good I'll feel when I'm done or of other people who are my role models! Good Luck Mrs. Levy!

    -Your Penpal Catie K

  2. Hi Mrs. Levy - We can't wait to hear all about your swim. We hope you had fun! - Colin & family

  3. Great job Mrs. Levy! Kim loves following your swimming adventures. Way to go!!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS again on your huge, fun accomplishment!! We all rooted for you last weekend! What a memorable swim! My husband often does various triathlon events... so our children understand about the sacrifice and hard work that goes into such races. It is so important to us that Mason see another WOMAN that she admires achieve a goal this challenging. What a fantastic role model you are for girls, in particular! We love it! You rock, Mrs. Levy! - The Watters Family

  5. Was the bay cold? -Ben

  6. "I love the picture. Where is Mr. Levy?" - Colin

  7. Hi All,

    Thank you for all of the kind words and support.

    I added a picture with Mr. Levy, who did not wear a wetsuit (like Mrs. Levy and Mrs. McEvoy.) The water temperature was about 56 degrees, so when Mr. Levy got out of the water he was an ice cube :-)

    Happy Halloween!

    Mrs. Levy

  8. CONGRATS! That's so cool that you guys swam in San Francisco!

    ~ Your Penpal,

    Ashlyn G.