Monday, October 10, 2011

Spooky Writing Prompt

In honor of Halloween , please leave us a comment about something that scares you.

Are you scared of spiders?

Are you scared of snakes?

Are you scared of thunder and lightning?

Are you scared of ghosts?

What scares you?


  1. Hey everyone,

    I am scared of bumble bees and spiders! They make me scream super loud!

    -Catie K

  2. Hey everyone,
    Yes, I'm completely scared of spiders, snakes, and thunder and lightning, but scary movies scare me most!
    Brianna W.

  3. Hi Pen Pals and Mrs. Levy,
    I am afraid of rattlesnakes. Whenever I run in the trails and we see a rattlesnake, my heart begins to race and I run faster than I ever thought possible! Mrs. McEvoy

  4. Hi everyone,
    I am afraid of spiders. They are so freaky looking. Also, I am terrified of fire. I don't know why I am, but somehow when I see fire I get so scared!!

  5. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments! Did you know that being afraid of insects is called entomophobia?

    I am afraid of earthquakes, caves, tunnels and sharks.

    Mrs. Levy

  6. The thing that scares me the most is random loud noises. It could be the greatest sound in the world, but I would still jump back if it wasn't expected.

  7. Hello first graders,
    All of those things are scary, but spiders scare me the most. A big spider can really freak me out.
    -Tommy N.

  8. Kimmie is afraid of really loud thunder storms and lightning. Thank goodness we live in California where we don't see many of those types of storms.

  9. Hi everyone:) The thing that scares me the most is any kind of insect especially bees! Im terrified of being stung!
    - Alice

  10. Hi everyone! I'm afraid of heights(to an extent) and earthquakes. Oh, also being alone outside in the dark! Happy Halloween!

  11. Im not scared of anything from Collim

  12. Hi penpals!!
    I am definitely afraid of spiders, snakes and bees! Im mainly scared of any kind of insect! But, I'm scared of earthquakes and fires too!

  13. Hello!

    I am super scared of spiders and snakes! I scream really loud when I see them!!

    ~Ashlyn G.

  14. Hey everyone! I know it's very common and a little bit cheesy, but I am literally terrified of spiders and bugs. (But mostly spiders) It's so bad that sometimes I will cry (Depending on how big it is). It's actually kind of funny how scared if them I am. Hope everyone is having a fun time in 1st grade and have a happy Halloween! -Ali H.

  15. Hey Mrs. Levy's class!
    I am super scared of spiders and crickets. A few weeks ago a cricket came into the gym during our volleyball game. Long story short, I didn't get to go in that match...
    Happy Halloween!!
    Tess S.

  16. Hey pen pals,
    I am super scared of spiders and the possibility of a zombie attack. Happy Halloween!
    Your Friend,
    Sean Sain

  17. I am also scared of spiders and bugs, but one thing that really scares me is when someone scares me from behind when I can't see them. I get scared very easily!

  18. I am scared of everything that can scare me.

  19. hi first graders!!i am really scared of spiders! and they always seem to find me:( haha oh and I hate shots I am such a baby when it comes to shots!well I hope you guys have a great halloween with much candy and fun!love Anna <3

  20. Hi first graders! Happy Halloween! I hope you guys have a great holiday and get lots of candy! I am scared of spiders and getting shots when I go to the doctor. Looks like Anna and I have that in common ^^.
    -Laney :)

  21. I am scared of spiders, snakes, and pretty much anything that crawls, but I think thunder/lightning and ghosts are cool. I hope you all have a great Halloween!

  22. Mason says that she is not afraid of those things but she says that she is afraid "of coyotes and of getting lost and not being able to find my mommy and daddy"

  23. I am afraid of spiders, thunder, lightning, and heights. Sometimes spooky stories scare me too.


  24. Hey there first graders! I am very frightened by bumble bees and the ocean. Being scared of the ocean is called hydrophobia. Have a super duper Halloween!

  25. Hi Everyone!
    I'm really scared of needles. Whenever I go to the doctor to get a shot,I get really freaked out. I have to close my eyes even before the the nurse comes in the room and keep them closed through the whole process, but even still it hurts. Well anyway,Happy Halloween Everyone!!!:)

  26. Hi first graders!
    I am scared of most bugs; especially spiders and mosquitos! Happy Halloween to you all, I hope you get lots of candy!

  27. Hello First Graders!
    I hope you are all enjoying first grade. The one thing that scares me the most are frogs. I do not know why, but since I was very little I have always been scared of them. I hope you all have a fantastic Halloween!

  28. I am scared of loud noise in the dark. It really scares me.


  29. Hi!
    I'm horrified of spiders! How they make their own web to trap other insects seems really scary, but I have a cat that eats them for me. :)

    - Mina