Sunday, October 3, 2010

Alcatraz swim!

Mrs. Levy, Mr. Levy and Mrs. McEvoy swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco on Saturday.  The day started out cold and rainy but fortunately the rain stopped in time for the race.

We jumped off of the ferry at Alcatraz Island and swam the 1.5 miles.   The water temperature was 58 degrees (the same as the temperature as the water at our beaches.)  All three of us successfully crossed and enjoyed the fabulous swim!  We celebrated by enjoying a great day in the lovely city of San Francisco.

Have you ever been to San Francisco?  

Where was your favorite place to go?


  1. Dear Mrs. Levy, Mr. Levy, and Mrs. McEvoy,

    Congratulations on your accomplishment! WOW! Make that a double WOW!

    What was the most difficult part for you? What was the easiest part? Were there any unexpected surprises?

    I have been to San Fransisco many times. My favorite thing to do is go look at the Golden Gate Bridge. I think it is such a beautiful structure. The cable cars are also fun to see and ride. Finally, I enjoy the yummy chocolate that is available at Ghirardelli Square.

    Your pal,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  2. I had the best time swimming from Alcatraz and I have Mr. & Mrs. Levy to thank for a momentous moment in my life.

  3. Dear. Mrs Levy,

    Congratulations on your fantastic finish! How many people were entered in the race? Were there more than in the Donner Lake one?

    I grew up in South San Francisco and some good friends live in the city itself, so we go fairly often. My favorite part is Union Square during the holidays when all the decorations are up.

    Congratulations again!

    (Collin's mom)

  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis and Shannon,

    Thanks for the comments. We had a fabulous time!

    After the swim we went to the
    Palace of the Legion of Honor If you have never been, it is a great museum in San Francisco. I used to live in the Marina district in San Francisco, which is another one of my favorite parts of the city.

    Mrs. Levy

  5. Dear Mrs. Levy,

    I have been to Alcatraz and I am very impressed that you swam 1.5 miles so quickly. I think I would have been too cold. You have inspired me to start swimming again.

    Mrs. Gardner

  6. Dear Mrs. Levy,

    Congratulations on your swim! You, Mr. Levy, and Mrs. McEvoy are incredible. I am sure you felt very proud when you were done. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities. I love the hills and views of of the water. Last time I was there, I took a tour of Alcatraz. It has such an interesting history. When your students are a little older, they will enjoy reading "Al Capone Does My Shirts," an historical novel set on Alcatraz when it was a federal prison and Al Capone was a prisoner there.

    Mrs. Lofton

  7. Dear Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. Lofton,

    Thanks for the comments! The swim was wonderful.

    Sincerely, Mrs. Levy

  8. I really enjoyed swimming with Mrs. Levy and Mrs. McEvoy! I hope one day that some of Mrs. Levy's Bees will take the plunge!

    Mr. Levy

  9. Dear Mrs. Levy,

    My name is Hannah and I am a student in Mrs. Yollis' class. Congatulations on your amazing swim! 58 degrees sounds very cold!

    I went to San Francisco two years ago with my family and friends. I loved it! My favorite part was going on the cable cars. We went on Thanksgiving and all the holiday decorations were up. Ghirardelli square looked beautiful and festive.

    My question is, how long did you have to train for the swim? I love swimming but I don't think that I would be able to do the Alcatraz swim any time soon!!


  10. Hi Hannah,

    Thank you for the excellent comment!

    I love San Francisco too. Ghiradelli Square was right by the finish line (you can see it in our picture.)

    I have been swimming in open water competitions for about 4 years. I swim in the pool at least three days a week and then swim at Butterfly beach (in Montecito) most Sundays. I think if you keep swimming you would definitely be able to swim from Alcatraz too. It is like any sport, you have to build up your stamina. At the swim, I met a boy who was 10 years old doing the swim for the first time. I was impressed.

    Keep swimming!
    Mrs. Levy