Monday, October 11, 2010

Quality Comments

Today in class we read a wonderful blog post from Mrs. Yollis about how to compose a quality comment and watched the video they created.  We learned that in a quality comment there should always be a capital at the beginning of your sentence and punctuation at the end of your sentence.  Also, you should only use one exclamation point if you want to exclaim something and you should try to end your comment with a question.  If you end your comment with a question, you will keep the conversation going. 

Check out this perfect example of a quality comment from Hannah in Mrs. Yollis' class.

"Dear Mrs. Levy,

My name is Hannah and I am a student in Mrs. Yollis' class. Congatulations on your amazing swim! 58 degrees sounds very cold!
I went to San Francisco two years ago with my family and friends. I loved it! My favorite part was going on the cable cars. We went on Thanksgiving and all the holiday decorations were up. Ghirardelli square looked beautiful and festive.
My question is, how long did you have to train for the swim? I love swimming but I don't think that I would be able to do the Alcatraz swim any time soon!!


Very impressive Hannah and all of Mrs. Yollis' class.  Thank you for all of your commenting tips.


  1. Dear Mrs. Levy,

    Thank you for linking to our How to Write a Quality Comment video and for saying such great things about it!

    I just used HTML code and created a hyperlink in our comment section letting Hannah know that she had been featured! Thanks for the support!

    Have any of your students ever left a comment? Are they able to do that yet? Do their high school buddies ever leave comments?

    Your blogging buddy,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  2. Dear Mrs. Levy,

    My name is Ryan. I am in Mrs. Yollis' class in California. That was very nice of you to publish a post about Hannah's magnificent comment. Thanks for your comment about our great video.

    One time, I got featured on a New Zealand blog because of my great comment. It felt really cool because people around the world could see my fabulous comment.

    Can your students leave a comment?
    When you were little, were there blogs?


  3. @ Hannah,

    Wow! You got featured on a blog just like Ryan! You are already a great blogger. I would really want to go to San Francisco when it has all the decorations up. Was it beautiful? Was it cold? I have been to San Francisco, and it is pretty when the sun sets. Was it pretty for you if you saw it?

    @ Mrs. Levy,
    It is really nice you featured Hannah on the blog. I was also in the video, I was one of the first ones to go. Was it really cold in the water I definitely think it was!

    Your new friend,

    Your friend,

  4. Dear Mrs. Levy's class,

    I am a student in Mrs. Yollis's class, and my name is Grace. Hannah is a great blogger and an excellent student and I'm glad you made a post about her!

    We already have more visitors because you made a hyperlink to our blog.

    Here are some answers to your questions that you asked on our blog: It is fun and hard to be a third grader. It's fun because we're learning how to write better. It's hard to do math. We just started blogging.

    Happy blogging!



  5. Dear Mrs.Levy

    I am Amitai. I am also Ethan's brother.

    Your swim to Alcatraz reminds me of me on the swimming team. When I was on the swimming team, I was practicing for the race. Every day I swam half a mile. I did not win, but I had fun.

    I have some questions for you:

    1. Did you practice too?

    2. Are you on a swimming team?

    3. If you are on the swimming team, are you a gold level?


  6. Dear Mrs. Levy,

    Thank you for featuring my comment on your blog. I ♥ed it. That is very kind of you. I have a few questions:

    Do your students leave quality comments on your amazing blog?

    Do their high school buddies ever come to visit and help them?

    Do they also blog with them?

    Your friend,

  7. @ Iman,

    Thank you for your thoughtful compliment! I think you are a great blogger also.

    I really think that San Fransisco is beautiful. From what I remember it was pretty cold. I agree with you, the sunsets are beautiful.

    Your friend,

  8. Dear Mrs. Yollis' class,

    Thanks for all of the wonderful comments.

    @Mrs. Yollis,
    My students are just beginning to comment on our blog and the high school pen pals have been commenting a lot! I love comments though, they keep the blog interesting and interactive.

    @Ryan ,
    No, there were not blogs when I went to school. Computers were only starting to become popular when I went to college. When I was getting my Masters Degree I belonged to many listservs, which was the beginning of blogs.

    Mrs. Levy

  9. @Iman

    Thanks for the great comment.
    The water didn't seem that cold to me because I'm used to it. I swim in the ocean most weekend, and it is usually about 58 degrees. Additionally, I swim in a wetsuit, which helps with the cold a lot!

    Mrs. Levy

  10. @Grace
    Thanks for letting us know what it is like in third grade. I can't wait to hear more about it in your class blog.

    Thanks for the questions. Yes I do practice many times a week. I belong to a masters swim team, but don't swim with them very much because I swim really early in the morning.

    Thanks for the wonderful comment. My students are just beginning to blog so we are working on content and comments. It is great to have such wonderful role models in Mrs. Yollis' class to show us how to do it. Our high school buddies have just begun to write and blog with us, and I'm sure they will enjoy blogging too.

    Your blogging pal,
    Mrs. Levy

  11. Hi,
    My name is Holden K and i am very exited to be taking a part in being a penpal to your first grade class!