Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spooky- Writing Prompt

In honor of Halloween coming up in just 11 days, please leave us a comment about something that scares you.

Are you scared of spiders?

Are you scared of snakes?

Are you scared of thunder and lightning?

Are you scared of ghosts?

What scares you?


  1. Dear Mrs. Levy,
    I am afraid of rattlesnakes because they can bite you!

  2. Dear Mrs. Levy,
    I am most afraid of roller coasters. I used to love them, but now that I'm older they scare me; I am afraid I'll lose my stomach! I hope you and your students have a fun and not too scary Halloween.
    Peace & Love,
    Mrs. McEvoy

  3. Dear Mrs. Levy,
    I am not so much sared of bugs or snakes, but very much so of passing out/ fainting. i know it sounds weird, butit freaks me out...

    your chs friend,
    Sammy Benesh

  4. Dear Mrs. Levy,
    I am scared of princesses.
    Happy Halloween!

  5. Dear Mrs. Levy,
    I am not scared of spiders because they are very little. I am scared of snakes becuase the bite. I am scared of thunder and lightning because you can die from them. I am not scared of ghosts, but i am scared of fire.
    Happy Halloween,
    Neil Gerts

  6. Wow, what great comments.

    When I was in first grade I was scared of the ocean, lightning and thunder but now I love it. One of the few things I'm scared of is earthquakes and my son's room -it's a MESS!

    Mrs. McEvoy, I can't ride roller coasters much any more either. But I used to love them :-)

    Sammy, have you passed out before?

    Jakob, why are you scared of princesses?

    Neil, I can understand your fear of fire. I love watching lightning storms though.

    Keep those comments coming!

    Your pal,
    Mrs. Levy

  7. Dear Mrs. Levy,
    I am afraid of snakes and ghosts. Luckily I do not run into either very often.
    Happy Halloween!

  8. Dear Mrs. Levy,

    I am afraid of thunder and snakes.


  9. Dear Mrs. Levy,
    I am not scared of spiders, thunder and lightning, or ghosts. I am scared of snakes, and I am also scared of robbers. I am scared of snakes because they are very poisonous and I am scared of robbers because they are dangerous and they are not good people.

  10. Dear Mrs. Levy,

    I am scared of things jumping out at me. When that happens I scream.

    Happy Halloween!

    Mrs. Harding

  11. I am not afraid of spiders because very few can hurt you. Lightning is cool to watch but is very scary.I am not scared of snakes because i have rarely seen them. I don not believe in ghosts so their is nothing to be afraid of. I am extremely afraid of heights and cant even go on a roller coaster

  12. Aliya said, "I'm afraid of thunder."

    "I'm afraid of storms," rejoiced Gia.

    "I'm scared of black widows, because they can kill you," said Yuval.

    "I scared of snakes and spiders because snakes can bite. And rattlesnakes can kill you," explained Matthew.

  13. I'm not really scared of spiders, I just think that they're gross! I'm not scared of thunder and lightning. I don't think I'm around thunder and lightning enough to be scared of them. I am not scared of ghosts because I don't believe in them, but I AM scared of scary movies! I won't sleep for weeks if I watch one.

  14. Yes, I'm afraid of spiders, they just look so creepy! No, I'm not afraid of snakes, lightning, or ghosts, but, I am afraid of cockroaches. I cannot stand them, and most other bugs. I'm sure I'm scared of something else, but I can't think of anything right now. Happy Halloween!

  15. Mrs. Levy/Busy Bees

    I am afraid of Great White Sharks, earthquakes, and really smelly people!

    Mrs. Levy's husband Mr. Levy

  16. I am scared of bugs and insects! The thing I am most terrified of are bees!! I don't know what it is about them, but I just can't be around them.

  17. I am scared of spiders and snakes because they are small, creepy, and gross. I am not afraid of thunder, lightning, and ghosts. Something that terrifies me is frogs because they are slimy and hop unpredictably. happy halloween!!!

  18. Dear Mrs. Levy,
    Spiders, ghosts, bees, and thunder do not scare me. However, I am terrified by snakes, rollercoasters, and sharks. For some reason, I have never liked rollercoasters.

  19. I'm scared of spiders and snakes because they seem to me like they can hurt me if I go near them. I think thunder and lightning are very cool to watch and listen to during a storm. I used to be afraid of ghosts, especially at haunted houses, but I got over that fear. I'm scared of bees, I'm not sure why. I just don't like being around them.

  20. I am scared of huge spiders and sometimes I am scared of heights. I used to be afraid of tsunamis but I had to get over that fear since I am in the ocean all the time. I don't think I'm afraid of anything else. I think that snakes and lightning are really cool!

  21. Dear Mrs. Levy,
    I am terrified of spiders of any size! I am also afraid of snakes, sharks, and anything else that can hurt me. I LOVE watching lighting and hearing thunder on rainy days. I used to be afraid of roller coasters,but now I love them! My friends forced me to go to Magic Mountain one day and thats when I fell in love with roller coasters. I guess you have to try to get over your fears,cause you don't know what your missing out on.
    ~Shannon Natanzi

  22. I am not really scared of spiders or snakes, although I do not like them. I am not bothered by lightning, heights, or ghosts either. Clowns, however, REALLY scare me. I used to get sick if I saw or even thought of blood, but I have no problem with it now...mostly. A bad bloody nose can make me queasy.

  23. Dear Mrs. Levy,
    Insects and spiders terrify me although many of them cause no harm.

    -Nellie Ghassemi

  24. I am not really scared of spiders because they are very small insects. I am afraid of snakes because they are very harmful to the human body if bitten by one. I am terrified by thunder and lightning because the loud noise and the bright flashes scare me. I was afraid of ghosts when I was a little girl but I do not believe ghosts are real anymore. I am afraid of sharks and any type of natural disaster.

  25. Dear Mrs. Levy,
    I'm terrified of spiders because they are sneaky, and look scary, even though they usually cause no harm. I love to look at snakes in museums but not when I find them myself! I love lightening and thunder because it lights up the sky, especially since there isn't a lot of rain in California. I love rain, and snow!

  26. Hannah Alexandra SternOctober 24, 2010 at 5:32 PM

    dear Ms Levy,
    The only thing i am afraid of is dying unhappy and needles.

    neither have mcuh to do with halloween, therefor i look on the bright side :)

  27. Dear Mrs. Levy,
    I am a little spooked out by spiders, but don't mind them much. The only thing that I am truly afraid of is letting someone down.

  28. Dear Mrs. Levy,
    I am not scared of spiders, lightning, or ghosts. Spiders are too small to be scary, lightning doesn't happen often, and I don't believe in ghosts. I am a little scared of snakes if I get close to one. I am scared of my parents because they are mean and spooky.

  29. Dear Mrs Levy,
    I am afraid of SPIDERS. Big or small! I try not to show my kids that I'm afraid. Somehow,they always seem to know because I scream or jump on them!:)

  30. Dear Mrs. Levy

    I am afraid of werewolves because they look like lions and they have sharp teeth.

    From A.J. KRIEGEL

  31. Dear Mrs. Levy,
    Aliya is scared thunder! It makes me jump!
    Sincerely, Aliya

  32. Dear mrs levy
    i am scared of thunder

    love, ava

  33. Dear Mrs Levy,
    I am scared of losing the things/people which are close to me (family, friends, beloved objects etc.)

  34. Dear Mrs. Levy and the First Grade Class,
    I am afraid of centipedes...Yuck!! Happy Halloween to you all! =)

  35. Dear Ms. Levy and Class,

    I am terrified of spider webs that stretch across my driveways gate. I always feel when I drive through it, the spider is going to cling to the top of my car and wait till I get out to take revenge on my thoughtless act of distroying his work.